As the tagline suggests, this blog is an inquiry to all things philosophy. We are both students of philosophy at Murdoch university in Perth, and when we have the time we will discuss ideas that we find important or interesting that we run into, either from our day-to-day life and reading or through our studies at Murdoch, though we intend to avoid purely being descriptive about these philosophies and hope to inject a part of ourselves into our posts. When it comes right down to it I think it is safe to say the main goal of this blog is to espouse not a philosophy, but philosophy itself as a ‘thing’ that ought to be valued and done where-ever possible.

We hope you are able to take away something meaningful from our discussion and we encourage you to participate in our discourse!


2 comments on “About

  1. Whitney W says:

    The premise of your blog sounds very exciting. Looking forward to reading your posts. The idea reminds me a little of Deleuze’s What is Philosophy? Depressing but also fun book.

    • rugz90 says:

      Thank you very much 🙂 We will hopefully start posting more frequently soon, uni has been troublesome and time consuming to say the least. There are a few more articles being planned and written at the moment. We hope you enjoy, and hopefully join in on the discussions 🙂

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